Office: 337 Farris Engineering CenterEmail: jeffk - cs.unm.eduPGP Key: key

I'm currently located at the Citizen Lab as part of my OTF Senior Information Controls Fellowship.


I'm fighting to bring transparency to Internet censorship and surveillance. I use reverse engineering techniques to reveal how software behavior harms your Internet freedom. Sometimes this behavior is intentional. For instance, some software censors what you say and secretly phones home information about your conversation if you talk about sensitive topics. Sometimes the harm is accidental. For instance, some software communicates your personal information but improperly encrypts it such that someone listening in can easily decrypt it. I'm advised by Jed Crandall and Jared Saia.

Publications and Reports



SpookyScan: Spooky Scanning at a Distance (source code)

What keywords trigger TOM-Skype censorship and surveillance? (updated daily)

What keywords trigger Sina UC censorship? (updated daily)

How does SafeConnect network access control (NAC) software open your machine to attacks?

Malware Analysis Stuff