IFDM-491: Introduction to Game Development
Computer Science Department
University of New Mexico

Joel Castellanos ,Department of Computer Science
Jon Whetzel, Sandia National Laboratories

IFDM 491 Syllabus

Labs and Resources
  1. Unity
  2. Lab 1: Unity - Using the GUI and the Car Tutorial
  3. CareerSim Wiki Anyone can read this wiki. A cs.unm.edu login and membership in the SimsCareer group is needed to edit. If you have a cs account, then ask cs support to add your user name to the SimsCareer group. If you do not have a cs account, then I will give you one in class Thrusday (Setp 1).
  4. Video of game designer, Will Wright, on Spore, SimCity, and the Sims He calls Spore "massivaly single player". Also some relevant stuff about social networking.
  5. INTRO.mov
  6. CareerSim-Nov-18-2011.exe