CS 591/491

Information Visualization and Computational Design

Generative Forms

Create a generative form based on a process you create. You will submit at least three things:

  1. A 400px by 400px animated gif (your generative process does not need to be animated, if it is not, stitch together frames from many different runs).
  2. A brief, no more than two paragraph, description of your generative form that explains the process behind its creation. (This should be like an artist concept statement, NOT a lengthy technical description of everything you did.)
  3. A process document that shows the process of your creation, early iterations, early failures, and includes several screen captures of early efforts that show the development of the project.

You can use any graphics tool or program of your choice to create this. You can use pencils and paper. You can write your own graphics library from scratch (please remember you have one week). For this and all other assignments/projects in this class you can use any tools you would like.

Additional examples and resources can be found here: generative.

For discussion and feedback we will now be using Slack (if it is terrible we will stop).


You may not work in groups. Each student should submit the assingment by noon on Monday March 24. Text should be submitted as text files (.txt) (please). All submissions should be emailed to pgk[@]cs.unm.edu.