A Simple S5 example

Eric Schulte


Table of Contents

1 quick start

  1. jump to the last heading/slide in this Org-mode file
  2. evaluate the emacs-lisp code block which defines the org-export-as-s5 command
  3. call M-x org-export-as-s5
  4. open the resulting page in your browser

2 what is S5

  • S5 is "A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System".
  • S5 allows writing of slide show presentations as standards-based HTML and turns the web browser into the display software.

3 what is this

  • A single function named org-export-as-s5 which modifies Org-mode's existing html export to generate a valid S5 presentation.
  • This implementation relies heavily on Pierre de Buyl's very thorough instructions posted to the Org-mode mailing list.

4 where's the code

  • The code is available here.
  • Simply evaluate this code, or add it to your .emacs, then call M-x org-export-as-s5 form within an Org-mode buffer. Note: the ui directory holding S5 support files must be located in the same directory as the exported html.
  • Currently there are three themes which can be set with the following.
    (setq org-s5-theme "railscast")   ; based off `color-theme-railscasts'
    (setq org-s5-theme "default")     ; the default S5 theme
    (setq org-s5-theme "i18n")        ; the i18n theme by the author of S5
  • This entire directory is available as a git repository.