Computer Science Funds

Department of Computer Science Chair's Fund

Through your generosity to the Department of Computer Science, you provide the flexibility to respond to urgent needs as they arise and to fund groundbreaking initiatives.

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Computer Science Founders Fund

This fund honors Sto Bell, Ed Gilbert, and Don Morrison, the Founders of the UNM Computer Science Department. This fund is established to award a full-time teacher who makes a difference in the lives of undergraduate students in Computer Science. Voted on by graduating seniors, the recipient will receive the award for three consecutive years.

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Veroff Undergraduate Excellence Fund

Named after the CS beloved professor, Robert (Bob) Veroff, this scholarship award is given to a computer science undergraduate student. The award will be made to an outstanding junior about to start their senior year, who has excellent academic performance, performs community service, has research/teaching/tutoring experience, and has high integrity.

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Computer Science Department Scholarship

Your gift helps provide scholarships for students in the Department of Computer Science.

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