Description of Facilities

The UNM Computer Science Department has over 200 general-purpose workstations and servers running Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. The department network infrastructure consists of a switched 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber backbone, which links to the campus network and supports the principal departmental servers.

Department workstations connect via Gigabit Ethernet ports on Brocade 7450 and 7750 switches that are connected by 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber to the infrastructure.

The infrastructure utilizes LDAP, DNS, and DHCP services hosted on virtual machines. A blade server enclosure allows for rapid deployment of student and research virtual machines. Network Appliance filers provide 1 petabyte of department storage for student, faculty and research code and data files. The filers are configured for fast backup to a snapshot server, to stage for a LTO4 tape backup for disaster recovery.

The department hosts a student laboratory with 20 Ubuntu workstations with GPU cards and 24-hour access for students. A 74-seat computer classroom in the Centennial Engineering Center provides workstations for hands-on learning. In order to facilitate cutting-edge research, the department has invested in advanced GPU servers and compute nodes, available for use by researchers and students.

The CS Department has four registered class C IPv4 addresses, subnetted into multiple VLANs for use by the department servers, workstations, and other IP devices. There is also a separate connection to the Albuquerque GigaPOP for research use, which bypasses the UNM backbone and provides IPv6 connections.