Structure & Strangeness


: Name : Aaron Clauset
: Occupation : Research Fellow | Strategy & Management Consultant
: Age : 26

This site is a personal archive of bits of my history/experience. I make the material
public as an easy way to access it, and also on the off chance that someone else may
find it interesting. If you have thoughts, contact me through the department (i.e., at

The past few years, I have been working on my doctoral degree in Computer Science
while trying to keep as many doors open for my future as possible. This has included
traveling regularly (domestic and international), making contacts throughout academia
and in the national laboratories, and, most recently, taking up consulting in my free

I like adventures, and I like beautiful things. My intellectual interests revolve around
understanding how complex things work - stuff like the social systems, biological systems,
infectious systems, technological systems and the various combinations of these. In
particular, my active research focuses on complex networks, i.e., networks with highly non-
random structure, as these can be used to model many of the complex things I find
interesting. Generally, the use of mathematical and computational techniques to simplify
and model the real world appeals to me for explanatory power of the resulting models.
That is, they help me and others understand the world around us better. I also take a
strong interest in the political and environmental world around me (see my blog). I
also enjoy art, graphics, music, photography, drawing, games, hiking, rock climbing,
surfing (a recent discovery), traveling, meeting new people, and good conversation.

I currently reside in New York City, while I work for FischerJordan Consulting on contract
with a top-five credit industry company. I'll return to Albuquerque, New Mexico and resume
my career in academia in the Fall of 2005. I anticipate completing my doctoral degree by
Fall 2006 (assuming I don't either get derailed by bureaucratic bullshit or by another
opportunity too good to pass-up).

Finally, my Erdös Number is 3 by the following chain
- Paul Edros -> Mike Molloy -> Cristopher Moore -> me.

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updated July 16th 2005