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: Curriculum Vitae for Aaron Clauset :

Here is a simplified version of my c.v.

2002-present Albuquerque, NM

Doctoral student in Computer Science, working with Dr. Cristopher Moore. Expected graduation date: August 2006.

1997-2001 Haverford, PA

BS in Physics with Honors,
Concentration in Computer Science


Cristopher Moore (UNM), Mark Newman (UMich), David Kempe (UCSD), Dimitris Achlioptas (MSR), Maxwell Young (UNM), Shweta Bansal (UT-Austin), Trevor Barran (FischerJordan, LLC.), Nathan Eagle (MIT MediaLab), Ersin Bayram (WFU), Jeffrey Schmitt (Targacept, Inc.), Stan Thomas (WFU), Rebecca Harris (Targacept, Inc.), Pete Santago II (SFU), Yunde Xio (Targacept, Inc.)

Current Employment
Jan. 2003 - present

Research Assistant

U. New Mexico,
Albuquerque, NM

Research assistant for Dr. Cristopher Moore. Working on complex network science, investigating topics ranging over mapping the Internet, inferring community structure in large networks, network epidemiology, network navigability, social network form and function, economic networks, self-organization, combinatorial puzzles and other interesting problems.

May. 2005 - Aug. 2005

Strategy & Management Consultant

FischerJordan Consulting,
New York, NY

Strategy and management consultant for a Fortune 50 company in the credit industry. Designed, developed and productionalized statistical model of customer, segment and portfolio dynamics; refined accounting methods; team management; client and corporate strategy management; general best-practices consulting.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Y.D. Xiao, A. Clauset, R. Harris, E. Bayram, P. Santago II, and J.D. Schmitt. "Supervised Self-Organizing Maps in QSAR I: Robust behavior with underdetermined datasets." to appear in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (formerly JCICS) (2005).

A. Clauset. "Finding local community structure in networks." Physical Review E 72, 026132 (2005)

D. Achlioptas, A. Clauset, D. Kempe, and C. Moore. "On the Bias of Traceroute Sampling, or: Why almost every network looks like it has a power law." Symposium on the Theory of Computation 2005 (Baltimore, May 21-24).

A. Clauset and C. Moore. "Accuracy and Scaling Phenomena in Internet Mapping." Physical Review Letters 94, 018701 (2005).

A. Clauset, M.E.J. Newman and C. Moore. "Finding community structure in very large networks" Physical Review E 70, 066111 (2004).

E. Bayram, P. Santago II, R. Harris, Y. Xiao, A. Clauset and J.D. Schmitt. "Genetic Algorithms and Self-Organizing Maps: A Powerful Combination for Modeling Complex QSAR and QSPR Problems." Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 18 (7-9): 483-493 (July 2004).


Submitted Papers

V. Kalapala, V. Swanwalani, A. Clauset and C. Moore. "Scale Invariance in Road Networks", preprint 2005; submitted to Physical Review E.

A. Clauset, M. Young."Scale Invariance in Global Terrorism", preprint 2005; submitted to J. Royal Statistical Society - Series A.

Other Publications

A. Clauset and C. Moore. "Why Mapping the Internet is Hard" preprint 2004

A. Clauset and C. Moore. "Traceroute sampling makes random graphs appear to have power law degree distributions" preprint 2004

A. Clauset and C. Moore. "How Do Networks Become Navigable?" preprint 2003

A. Clauset, N. Grigg, M.T. Lim and E. Miller "Chaos You Can Play In", Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, Santa Fe, NM, June 7-July 7, 2003

A. Clauset, W.S. Caldwell and J.D.Schmitt "Novel use of self-organizing feature maps in QSAR studies" Abstracts of Papers, 224th ACS National
Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 18-22, 2002

Referee Work Science
Physical Review Letters (PRL),
Physical Review E (PRE),
Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA)

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