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: Thinking Pieces :

: As some point I'm going to dump a lot of my more recent thinkings here.
: These constituted a small cross-section of musings between 2000 and 2002.

National Missile Defense [2002]
The second of a pair of articles written about National Missile Defense in an attempt to both articulate the present (as of the time of writing) potentially devastating road down which NMD takes us and the world.

A History of Nuclear Diplomacy and Missile Defense [2002]
The first of a pair of articles written about National Missile Defense. Largely a historical view of post-WWII armament and diplomacy; to be read as background material for the second article.


Anti-Colorblindness [2000]
Traditional colorblindness tests are hard for people who are colorblind to pass. But can we make a test that is difficult to pass if you are not colorblind?

Spam Warrior

Spam Warrior [2001]
What happens when a spammie decides to turn the tables on the spammers? Enter Spam Warrior.

Self-Org Maps

Self-Organizing Maps [2001]
A primer on using Kohonen feature maps (self-organizing maps) in Matlab, includes code examples and figures.


Applescripts [2000]
Several Applescripts for Mac OS 9 - includes automated background changer, primitive email anti-viral application and Netscape/IE utility.


: Puzzles :

RISK Dice Puzzle [2003]
In the game of world conquest, is it better to defend with 1 or 2 dice? If so or not, by how much? Finally, a puzzle with practical applications!

Partitions Puzzle [2003]
Can you find a way to map these two distinct sets of integers into each other? This riddle was posed to me on a train in Baltimore by my puzzle-crazed advisor.

Prisoners Puzzle [2003]
The Warden will set all the prisoners free if, after some amount of time, one of them can correctly assert that all of the prisoners have had at least one shower. What?!
Bridge Riddle

Bridge Riddle [2001]
Get these four people across the bridge in minimum time. This riddle was posed to me during a Microsoft interview.

The Truel

The Truel Riddle [2001]
A truel is like a duel, only with three people.


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