Structure & Strangeness


: Drawings

Sketches and drawings done for my supplemental educational track. Drawing is a nice way to relax, and while extremely time consuming, the results are usually worth the effort. I figure that if the whole academia thing doesn't work out, I could always be a starving artist! :)


: Widgets

These are widgets (some interactive) built with Macromedia Flash. Most were done in some kind of collaboration with my good friend Nick Yee back in 2001. Flash is a great tool for making light weight eye-candy, but a royal pain to do complex programming with. Still, the results are often satisfying enough to justify the awkward programming interface.


: Rendered Images

These are a sampling of 3D digital renderings I did over the course of the four years I was fascinated by digital rendering (which was some time ago now - 1997-2001). All the models, textures and scene compositions are my own (save for a few uses of public models in my earlier pieces). I've been meaning to get back into rendering, but with being in grad school, have had little time.

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