Installed Programs

A partial list of packages and commands available on most CS Linux systems

Package or CommandBlurb
acroread Acrobat Reader. View .pdf files.
autoconf Creates autoconf scripts. If you're developing something to be distributed widely, please consider the use of this.
automake Automake is a tool for automatically generating Makefiles compliant with the GNU Coding Standards.
bash Bourne-Again Shell. Based on bourne and tcsh shells.
bc command line calculator
binutils GNU bin utilities - programming support tools.
bison A parser generator, similar to yacc.
clisp Common Lisp implementation
cvs Concurrent Versions System. Lets you manage multiple versions of a source tree. Great for managing group programming projects.
ddd Cool graphical debugger front-end to gdb.
elm Good but somewhat dated mail program. Most people use pine instead.
emacs A full-featured editor.
enscript A free version of Adobe's transcript. A pretty printer.
exmh Graphic front end to mh/nmh mail reader. Makes handling large amounts of email easier. Be warned: sucks all your mail into a format all its own (mh/nmh users know what I'm talking about already).
expect A scripting utility coupled with TCL that allows one to script usually interactive processes.
fileutils When regular ls just won't cut it, try GNU ls! Or chgrp, chmod, chown, cp ln, mv, rm etc etc.
flex GNU counterpart to lex - generates parsers.
fvwm A virtual window manager. The old version
fvwm2 Newer version of the virtual window manager.
fvwm95 A virtual window manager that is a Windows-lookalike version.
gawk GNU's version of awk, a string processing script language.
gcc GNU's C/C++ compiler.
gd An ANSI C library for the dynamic creation of images.
gdb GNU Debugger. Figure out why you shouldn't be messing with your pointers like that.
ghostscript A postscript renderer/viewer. See also gv.
ghostview A postscript viewer with slightly nicer interface than plain old ghostscript (gs). See also gv.
gimp A painting package.
glimpse Indexes your files to allow you to easily find content.
gnuplot Plot data, generate postscript.
grind Solve differential equations.
groff Good alternative for nroff. Most useful for converting man pages into nice-to-look-at postscript output.
gs ghostscript, used by ghostview
gv Like ghostview only different.
gzip Compress and decompress files.
imagemagick commandline utilities to create, edit, or convert images. Can also be used by Perl.
ispell Interactive spelling program
jdk Java Development Kit.
jpeg JPEG libraries.
kde A window manager
khoros Image processing software.
knews A graphic news reader in the mold of xrn.
latex2html Convert those latex documents into HTML .
less Similar to the more command: pauses output. Unlike more, allows you to move backwards in the output and highlights what you search for
lesstif LessTif is a free replacement for OSF/Motif
libpng PNG graphics libraries.
libPropList Library to support NeXT-Step list tree abstraction. Required by WindowMaker, among others.
libungif Library for gif manipulation - it's libgif with enhancements
lynx Text-based web browser
m4 A pre-processor that would like to take over cpp's place.
make GNU Make. Make with lots of GNU extensions.
man Useful for discovering command line options. As in, man ls.
matlab Full-featured mathematics package.
metamail Small programs designed to help extract MIME attachments from email, news, or text files.
more Used for pausing output, as in: ls -al | more
motif Graphical package
Mozilla Most common Linux web browser
mpage Cool little package that prints 2-up, 4-up, or 8-up. Handles postscript input, too.
mswordview Converts MSWord 8 (Office 97) files to html format.
mtools utilities to access DOS disks in Unix
mutt A very configurable text-based MIME mail client.
mzscheme Implementation of the Scheme programming language
ncftp An ftp client, text-only.
netpbm A set of small, specific purpose graphic program that allows one to create powerful functions by stringing them together in a pipeline.
pdksh A freely distributable korn shell.
perl An interpreted language often used for system administration and web pages.
pgp Encryption software. Mostly used for people who want to digitally sign stuff they mail/post. Also can be used to encrypt/decrypt files. Most people use GnuPG now.
pgp4pine pgp4pine is program to use pgp in pine.
pine Pine Is Not Elm. It's the standard mailer for those who don't use a graphical one like Mozilla Mail.
procmail mail processing utility
prolog Prolog programming language
purify finds run-time errors and memory leaks in your program so you can make it more pure
python python programming lanuage
realplayer Plays RealAudio files
rsync Command for synchronizing two different file systems.
rxvt An xterm type program that lets you throw up pixmaps in the background of the terminal.
samba SMB protocol implementation for UNIX - aka: filesharing glue between windows and UNIX boxes (both directions).
screen virtual terminal window for linux
sed GNU's sed.
sharutils GNU's version of uuencode/uudecode and their ilk.
sml Standard ML of New Jersey. Executable in /usr/local/bin/sml
ssh Secure SHell: encrypted remote login shell. Don't telnet, use ssh!
Staroffice A MSOffice immitation. Reads (and edits) MSWord, MSPowerPoint, MSExcel files.
STk A Scheme interpreter, but with the awesome TK graphical toolkit.
swisswatch A customizable clock
tar Can you believe it gets its own package? GNU tar. Better than most vendors tar.
tcl A good, easy-to-learn language often used with tk to create portable graphics applications.
tcsh Default shell.
teTeX A good distribution of TeX/LaTeX.
texinfo software documentation system
textutils GNU versions of standard text processing tools (cut, wc, etc).
tiff TIFF image libraries. Required by some apps.
tk An easy way to create portable graphic apps. Use with tcl.
tkdesk a Graphical File and Desktop Manager for the X Window System
tm mime solution
top displays all the tasks being run on a linux system, starting with the most CPU-intensive on down. Find out if someone else's job is snarfing so much cpu you'd be better off logging onto a different computer.
traceroute Find the Internet route from the computer you are on to anywhere on the Internet. Not nearly as useful as before with so many firewalls blocking it.
vile A vi clone.
vim An improved vi that really does improve vi. Graphical if you really need it (vim -g).
WindowMaker window manager with a graphical preferences utility and a NeXTStep-inspired look. Can be extreme eye-candy, supports themes.
X11 Graphical wrapper to linux
x11amp Mp3 Player For Linux
xanim Program for playing a wide variety of animation, audio and video formats on unix X11 machines.
xdaliclock X clock that can melt, among other features
xemacs The X version of emacs.
xfig Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under X11
xforms> GUI toolkit with buttons, scrollbars, menus, etc. Comes with a GUI designer also (fdesign).
xftp X interface to ftp
xlock A tool to lock your screen whilst you're away!
xmcd Motif CD Player
xmms X Multimedia System
xntp3 A suite of time-synching utilities, including support for all manner of funky clocks.
xpm xpm libraries. Required for many apps.
xswarm A spiffy xwindows program. For amusement purposes only. Please, no wagering.
xv Graphics displayer and touch-up. Useful for screen grabs.
zlib Compression libraries. Required for some apps.
zsh Another wonky shell with its own brand of wonky shell-ness.