Is it possible to set up Subversion on my CS Account?

Yes, see the subversion page for more.

How do I use a cgi-bin directory on my web page?

  1. Email systems requesting to have a cgi-bin directory created for you.
  2. Type cd /nfs/notrust/cgi-bin/username, and put your files there. Make sure to make them executable: while in the directory, type this command: chmod -R o+rx * .
  3. Make sure your paths have a full absolute URL going tohttp://cgibin.cs.unm.edu/username-bin/, where username is your username.

I deleted something I wish I hadn’t, how do I get it back?

If the data was on a disk served by one of our Network Appliance file servers (ie- your home directory), just say `cd .snapshot` and there will be a list of backups over the last hours and weeks. Simply copy the desired file from the desired backup back into place (ie- `cp .snapshot/hourly.0/somefile .`).

If the data was on a disk not served by poptart, just send a detailed restore request to us indicating the exact file or directory (ie- HOST:/blah/bleh) and the date you want the restore from.

How do I get to my data from a Macintosh?

When using one of the department Apple Macintosh computers you may access the department file server as normally as any other (Linux)system. They mount NFS, so they behave the same as any Linux System

How do I get into the computer lab in Farris 309 at night?

The computer lab in room 309 is open 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. If you wish to have access during nights and weekends you can get Lobo Card set up to allow you to open the lab door and the front door of Farris Engineering.

To obtain access please see Ashley in the main CS office. 

What printers are available?

See the printers page for a list.

(UNIX) How do I print on both sides of the paper (duplex)?

The printers are already set to print on both sides, if you want the document to be single sided then use printer name with an ‘s’ at the end. For example lpr -Pfec307s, fec309s, etc.

How do I stop Mailman from sending password reminders?

In the reminder email, you will have a link to the administrative page for your subscription. Click this link, enter the password and set the “Get password reminder email for this list?” option to no. Click “Submit my changes” at the bottom of the page to save your options.

(UNIX) I printed the wrong thing, how do I stop the printer?

Use lprm to remove your job. Use lpq to find your job number. For example:

  1. lpr -Pfec304d badfile;
  2. lpq -Pfec304d;
  3. lpq -Pfec304d printjob_number.

Fairly often, the job moves through the queue quickly, in which case your only option is to go to the printer and attempt to delete it there. Make sure it’s your job you’re deleting!

Should I shut down one of the lab computers?

Please do not disconnect or shutdown the computers in the lab. Many users are connecting remotely, so even if no one is sitting at a computer it may be in use.

How do I connect remotely?

See the remote login page for more information

How do I check my email?

For security reasons, you must use an email client that supports an encrypted (SSL) connection. Mozilla Mail is one such client available on UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from a CS mailing list?

CS mailing lists are managed with the Mailman software . You will find information on all public mailing lists at Mailing list page, and can subscribe or unsubscribe to any list from there.

What diskspace is available?

Home directories are served from our Network Appliance servers (called poptart and strudel). We have a 40GB limit in placeM/p>

What happens to my account when I graduate?

CS Alumni are welcome to use their accounts as long as they like, as long as usage stays within our usage policy. Alumni accounts will be moved to /nfs/alumni (with a 500MB quota), and mail will be sent periodically asking if the account is inactive. If there is no response to the query, the account will be marked inactive and deleted.