Webmail & General Info

There are two basic options: webmail, or using your own mail client on your own computer.


In a web browser, connect to: https://roundcube.cs.unm.edu

Mail Clients

General settings are as follows:

  • Incoming mail server: snape.cs.unm.edu, SSL/TLS, port 993, normal password authentication
  • Outgoing mail server: snape.cs.unm.edu, SSL/TLS, port 465, normal password authentication
  • IMAP path prefix: mail

All email clients must be set to use SSL ports as shown. Most clients automatically switch the port for you when SSL is enabled. This setting ensures that your username and password are encrypted on the way to the mail server so they cannot be intercepted.

Note: Some email clients may ask you if you trust the security of the CS Department mailserver site. This is simply due to the fact that the secure certificate was created internally at UNM, rather than purchased from a certificate authority. It's safe to go ahead and accept the certificate.