Honors in Computer Science


Departmental Honors in Computer Science is designed to recognize exceptional undergraduate independent study that involves research which culminates in the writing of a senior thesis. Students may be interested in this option if they are interested in graduate studies, as exceptional undergraduate research culminating in honors will enable students to be more competitive in graduate applications and by demonstrating independent work to prospective employers.


Computer science majors must identify a CS faculty member and get pre-approval from that faculty member for their independent research project including clarifying the scope required for honor’s recognition. Typically, students and their research advisor decide on the appropriateness for the student to register for CS 499, independent study, in order to have the extensive required time to complete the thesis. Final approval of the thesis must be made by the thesis advisor and the Department Chair and/or Departmental Awards Chair to confer honors prior to the final day of classes of the semester of graduation by the student with their bachelor’s degree in computer science.

For more information

If you have further questions, you may contact our Departmental Awards Chair. His/her contact information may be found from the CS Department Office.