Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of three areas, theoretical foundations, computer systems, and empirical methods. Courses in the core curriculum are expected to be introductory in nature, teachable by multiple faculty with regular rotations, and when possible not cross-listed with undergraduate equivalents. The core curriculum is as follows:

  • Theory (CS 561, CS 500, CS 550)
  • Systems (CS 554, CS 585, CS 587)
  • Empirical methods (CS 530, CS 533)
  • The language requirement can be satisfied by taking at least one of CS 550, CS 554, CS 558.

The Empirical Methods core is currently short one or two courses. Until that is remedied students will have no flexibility in the empirical core, but it is anticipated that at least one additional course will be added.

Students are required to achieve a 3.5 grade point average in the core courses. Students entering with an earned M.S. in Computer Science or closely related discipline may be exempted from some of the core course requirements at the discretion of the Graduate Program Committee.