Second Degree in CS

Students already holding one or more university degrees and wishing to receive the B.S. in Computer Science should be aware of the following regulations:

  • A second degree requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of work beyond the first degree.
  • A student must satisfy all degree requirements for the B.S. as stated previously. Courses taken for an earlier degree can be applied against the graduation requirements. The student’s previous major is normally considered to be his/her minor (graduation requirement 8).
  • There are minimum residency requirements for receiving any baccalaureate degree from UNM. Courses taken from UNM in Albuquerque or at branch campuses will satisfy this requirement. There is also a requirement that a minimum of at least one-half of the hours used to satisfy the major requirements be taken in residence at UNM. See The University of New Mexico Catalog for more information.