1) The shared credit program allows Computer Science undergraduate students to count 12 credit hours towards both their undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree and towards a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Specifically, students admitted to the shared credit program may:

  • Count CS561 towards both their MS theory core and as CS362 in their undergraduate core requirements
  • Count up to three other 500-level graduate classes as both CS electives towards their B.S. degree and as core or elective classes (as appropriate) in their M.S. coursework.

2) Courses in the undergraduate curriculum that are designated variously as technical electives, track electives, engineering electives, management electives, or advanced science electives will be replaced by 500-level graduate courses that will count towards both degrees, and

3) Courses that are cross-listed at both the 400 and 500 levels; students in the shared-credit program would take these courses at the 500 level with the course counting towards both the BS and MS degrees. Students should take the core graduate courses for their proposed MS degree as the shared courses during their 4th year of the BS program. A grade of B or better is required in all courses that are part of the 12 shared credits

This program is intended to facilitate both disciplinary and interdisciplinary BS/MS degree programs. The exact curriculum for each student will be determined by the director of undergraduate studies for the student’s BS degree and the director of graduate studies for the student’s MS degree, and will be approved by the SoE Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary shared-credit program may be required to take prerequisite courses for the graduate level courses in their MS program. Thus, an interdisciplinary shared-credit program may require more than the nominal five years to complete. Because the mathematics requirements for the BS in Construction Management (CM) do not match those for engineering or computer science degrees, no interdisciplinary shared-credit programs are available to those students who are pursuing a BS in CM. In addition, since the MS in CM is intended as a degree for those who do not have a previous degree in CM and thus there is a large overlap in content between the BS and the MS programs in CM, no shared credit program is available for students beginning in the BS program in CM going to the MS in CM.