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[Colloquium] Multivariate Volume Visualization
January 30, 2007

[Colloquium] 21st Century Computing: Ways and Means
January 23, 2007

[Colloquium] Ceph: A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System
January 18, 2007

Barney Maccabe Named UNM CIO
January 1, 2007


[Colloquium] Interaction-Oriented Programming
February 27, 2007

Learning models from visual data for 3D tracking, recognition, and animation
February 22, 2007

[Colloquium] Trust Negotiation
February 20, 2007

Want to be a CS Graduate Student? Munch on some free barbeque and find out more!
February 20, 2007

[Colloquium] Socially Guided Machine Learning
February 15, 2007

Alumni in the News
February 10, 2007

[Colloquium] Link-State Routing Can Achieve Optimal Traffic Engineering From Entropy to IP
February 8, 2007

[Colloquium] Economics, Algorithms, and the Internet
February 6, 2007

[Colloquium] Tools and techniques for understanding and defending real systems
February 1, 2007


[Colloquium] Quantum algorithms and quantum state identification
March 29, 2007

Designing scientific information and communicating to non-expert audiences
March 9, 2007

Behavior-based Malware Detection
March 8, 2007

[Colloquium] Building Adaptive Cyber-infrastructures to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Research
March 6, 2007

[Colloquium] How many colors are needed to randomly color a graph? A Markov chain approach
March 1, 2007


GFX Cafe Seminar: The Illusion of Life, Revisited
April 27, 2007

[Colloquium] Multicore and Other New Approaches to Reduce the Data Access Latency
April 24, 2007

[Colloquium] POTSHARDS: Secure Long-Term Archival Storage Without Encryption
April 19, 2007

[Colloquium] Symbolic Methods for Control Design in Multi-Agent Systems
April 3, 2007


Peer-to-peer Trust and Reputation Systems
May 3, 2007


Sushmita Roy Works onNature Publication
July 21, 2007


[Colloquium] Automated Deduction and Its Application to Mathematics
August 31, 2007

Eight New Grants Awarded Recently to the Department
August 28, 2007

CS Dept. Hires Jed Crandall
August 21, 2007


[Colloquium] Network Scaling in Complex Systems: What happens when organisms, cities and computer chips get bigger?
September 21, 2007

Computer Science Town Hall Meeting
September 21, 2007

[Colloquium] Randomized Rounding for Sensor Placement Problems
September 14, 2007

UNM CS Professor Tests Chinese Internet Censorship
September 11, 2007

[Colloquium] ConceptDoppler: A Weather Tracker for Internet Censorship
September 7, 2007

CS Dept Hiring Faculty
September 4, 2007


[Colloquium] The End Of Computers As We Know Them?
October 26, 2007

[Colloquium] Predictions and Machine Learning: A personal viewpoint
October 19, 2007

New Computer Science FAQ
October 10, 2007

[Colloquium] Fusion of multi-task and multi-modal brain imaging and genetic data: An integrated approach and several examples
October 5, 2007


Zombies, ETs and Other Encounters with Dynamic Graph Algorithms
November 16, 2007

[Colloquium] Computational insights into the social life of zebras
November 9, 2007


Clustering and spatial data mining in computational biology (Video)
December 7, 2007