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[Colloquium] Service Reliability and Speed in Distributed Computing Systems with Stochastic Node Failures and Communication Delays
January 26, 2010


[Colloquium] Automatically Finding Patches Using Genetic Programming
February 25, 2010

[Colloquium] Predicate Invention and Transfer Learning
February 18, 2010


[Colloquium] Colloquium by faculty candidate
March 11, 2010

[Colloquium] From Robots to Molecules: Intelligent Motion Planning and Analysis with Probabilistic Roadmaps
March 9, 2010

[Colloquium] Perpetual Systems: Building systems to survive in the wild
March 4, 2010

[Colloquium] Bias in Computer Systems Experiments
March 2, 2010


[Colloquium] Talkative Sensors: Collaborative Machine Learning for Volcano Sensor Networks
April 27, 2010

[Colloquium] Understanding Cyberattack as an Instrument of U.S. Policy
April 22, 2010

Ronnie Garduno Accepted into UNM's Ronald E. McNair Program
April 14, 2010

[Colloquium] Tor and censorship: lessons learned
April 12, 2010

[Colloquium] Using Analogy-Making to Discover the Meaning of Images
April 8, 2010

CSGSA Sponsored 6th Annual Student Research Conference (CSUSC 2010)
April 8, 2010

[Colloquium] Parallel Computing in Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction
April 1, 2010


Professor Melanie Moses Receives Faculty of Color Award
May 13, 2010

[Colloquium] Metagenomics and High Performance Computing
May 6, 2010

[Colloquium] The evolution of the 'funny bone': a neurocomputational theory of mirth and humo
May 4, 2010

CS dept. and UNM Center for Science, Technology and Policy Host Talk and Panel on Cyberattack as an Instrument of U.S. Policy
May 4, 2010

Graduate Student Jong Park's Research Adds Another Piece to the Puzzle
April 30, 2010


Graduate Students Lead First UNM Course on Complex Networks
June 1, 2010


[Colloquium] Boltzmann Solution Concepts, epsilon Logic, and the Emergence of Timescales in an Animal Society
August 27, 2010


[Colloquium] Conflict in Networks
September 24, 2010

Elections, Public Policy and Science: A Natural Place for Many Stove Pipes
September 17, 2010

PLFS: A Checkpoint Filesystem for Parallel Applications
September 10, 2010

[Colloquium] Scheduling Movements of Multiple Mobile Sinks to Maximize Wireless-Sensor-Network Lifetime
September 3, 2010


[Colloquium] BAR Protocols for MAD Services
October 29, 2010

[Colloquium] High Performance Computing and Informatics
October 22, 2010

[Colloquium] Fault Resilience in Exascale Systems
October 8, 2010

[Colloquium] Creating Efficient, Robust, and Resilient Peer-to-Peer Systems
October 1, 2010

Soumya Banerjee awarded the 2010 UNM Student Award for Innovation in Informatics
April 26, 2010


[Colloquium] Moleculesular Robotics with DNA Nanotechnology
November 23, 2010

[Colloquium] Prosocial preferences and the evolution of behavior within and between groups
November 19, 2010

[Colloquium] Software Protection and Assurance Using Process-level Virtualization
November 12, 2010

[Colloquium] Coordination in Distributed Software Development
November 5, 2010


[Colloquium] Ontologies in Biomedical Research
December 17, 2010

[Colloquium] Artificial Cells as Reified Quines
December 10, 2010

[Colloquium] Some Computational Science Experiences
December 3, 2010