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[Colloquium] Natural intelligence to Artificial intelligence: A new route that can be taken
January 31, 2013

[Colloquium] Fault-tolerant solvers via algorithm/system codesign
January 22, 2013


[Colloquium] Interactive Machine Learning in High-Expertise Domains
February 28, 2013

[Colloquium] Scalable paradigms for scientific discovery and time-sensitive decision making in the era of Big Data
February 26, 2013

[Colloquium] Biological Models with Combinatorial Spaces
February 21, 2013

[Colloquium] Recent Research Endeavors in Mobile Computing and Social Network Privacy
February 19, 2013

[Colloquium] Fast Primitives for Time Series Data Mining
February 14, 2013

[Colloquium] Automatic Program Repair Using Genetic Programming
February 12, 2013

Towards building a scalable data center network architecture in the era of cloud computing
February 5, 2013


Sampling-Based Motion Planning: From Intelligent CAD to Crowd Simulation to Protein Folding
March 28, 2013

[Colloquium] Interactive Learning of Dependency Networks for Scientific Discovery
March 19, 2013

[Colloquium] Discovering Roles and Types through Hierarchical Information Network Analysis
March 7, 2013

[Colloquium] TEXPLORE: A Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Robots
March 5, 2013


[Colloquium] Incremental SMT-based Safety Checking of Synchronous Systems
April 30, 2013

[Colloquium] The Anatomy of a Fraudster
April 26, 2013

[Colloquium] Towards provably correct design of human-automation systems: Hybrid system observability and reachability
April 18, 2013

[Colloquium] High Performance Computing (HPC) Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory
April 11, 2013

[Colloquium] Modeling Brain Activity Associated with Optimal and Suboptimal Memory Strategies
April 9, 2013

Discovering causes and effects from observational data in the presence of hidden variables
April 4, 2013

[Colloquium] Finding Hidden Structure in Networks
April 2, 2013


[Colloquium] Fault-Tolerance for Extreme Scale Systems-A Systems Level Perspective
May 2, 2013


[Colloquium] High Performance Computing in Biophysics Applications
August 30, 2013

[Colloquium] Coarse-grained model for DNA nanotechnology
August 23, 2013


[Colloquium] STC.UNM: An Overview of UNM's Technology Transfer Program
September 27, 2013

[Colloquium] What Can Chemical Reaction Networks Compute?
September 20, 2013

[Colloquium] City of Albuquerque Open Data Initiative
September 13, 2013

[Colloquium] Can We Vet Commodity Software and Hardware: "What is Working and What is Not"
September 6, 2013


[Colloquium] Three Problems in Computational Biology
October 25, 2013

[Colloquium] Evolving heuristics for scheduling heterogeneous workflows in the Cloud
October 18, 2013

[Colloquium] Exploring the Performance Issues in Parallel Graph Benchmarks
October 4, 2013


Cracking China's Skype Surveillance Software
November 28, 2013

Distributed Algorithms for Bankrupting an Adversary
November 18, 2013

[Colloquium] Variable length Pattern Discovery in Time Series Data
November 15, 2013

[Colloquium] Materials inspired from biology: perspectives from artificial life
November 13, 2013

[Colloquium] Using the Computer to Reveal Story
November 8, 2013

ACM AAAI Allen Newell Award
November 1, 2013

[Colloquium] The Evolution of MATLAB
November 1, 2013


[Colloquium] Measuring the real world with people
December 6, 2013